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Fan Fiction - Third Chapter

The third chapter to my Sophie/Sian fan fiction, Everything Will Be Fine. To be honest I don’t know how long this story will be but as long as I have ideas you guys will have chapters.

Chapter 3 – Fourteen Days
Couple: Sophie/Sian

Summary: Fourteen days is nothing...but it’s something for Sophie and Sian

“DO you really have to go? We could ask your Mum to let you stay a few more days, ‘Sophie whined gloomily as she and Sian re-packed the small bag Sian had brought with her during her visit to Weatherfield, “my Dad wouldn’t mind, honestly.”

Sian rolled her eyes and smiled softly for Sophie had been asking the same question over and over since they’d gotten up that morning.

“Sorry, ‘Sophie said wincing, “I’m annoying you aren’t I?”

She turned away from Sian and moved towards the window of her bedroom, gazing out at the street below, watching the interactions of her neighbours curiously. She felt Sian come up behind her and tensed up intentionally.

“Soph, ‘Sian murmured. Sophie didn’t turn around, she felt as if she were being torn away from the most important thing in her life. To lose Sian, even for such a short period of time was enough to make her heart feel hollow, “Sophie. I didn’t mean to upset you. Of course you aren’t annoying me.”

Sophie couldn’t contain the sudden ripple of pain that was coursing through her. She turned, fixing her gaze upon Sian’s. Sian smiled gently and took her hand, interlinking their fingers.

“I hate the thought of you not being here, ‘Sophie muttered, “it’s not fair.”

“I know but it won’t be forever. I’ll be back in the next two weeks and it’ll be like we were never apart.”

Sophie sighed, “you can’t promise something like that.”

“I just did, ‘Sian laughed, “and I’m dead serious. I’m coming back in two weeks time. Besides, we can talk on the computer and webcam. We can phone and texts each other. I might even send the odd love letter.” Sian added in teasingly and Sophie couldn’t help but giggle.

“Ah, ‘Sian said triumphantly, “there’s that smile I love so much.”

Sophie couldn’t help but reach up to brush a strand of hair from Sian’s eyes. Sian mimicked the action, her fingers moving against Sophie’s face with an unrushed hesitancy.

“The time will fly by Soph and we’re strong enough to handle a little separation.” She murmured gently.

Sophie smiled, “I know. You’re right.”

“Of course I’m right, ‘Sian said in a feigned arrogance, holding her head up high and poking her tongue out at Sophie, “I’m always right.”

“Sian! Sophie, ‘Kevin Webster called from downstairs, “breakfast is ready.”

Sian shrugged her shoulders and sighed resignedly, “come on. We’ll finish our packing later.”

Sophie nodded in agreement and stepped back from Sian, missing her touch and proximity. She followed her downstairs like a love-struck puppy, already dreading their imminent separation before it had begun.


SOPHIE and Sian escaped back to Sophie’s room after breakfast and had finished packing the final necessities that Sian had brought with her. They’d worked diligently and in a silence that resonated over them darkly. Neither girl spoke; neither girl looked at the other...the atmosphere was harsh and sombre.

At least half an hour later both girls found themselves sprawled out on the bed, resting up against each other. Sophie appeared to be asleep, or that is what Sian perceived for her eyes were closed and her breathing was soft and easy.

Sian was pleased she’d finally relaxed. She guessed that Sophie’s alarm and panic of losing Sian for the next two weeks was distressing and that distress and fear had all but exhausted Sophie. Nuzzling closer, Sian leant into her girlfriends face. She inhaled the sweetness of her breath; it was warm, refreshing and enticing. Sian simply couldn’t get enough of her. She never believed she would ever fall in love with a Sian had told Sophie when they’d met back up, she didn’t fancy girls...she didn’t even think about them and yet Sophie had clasped hold of her heart and refused to let it go. It was the most exasperating thing Sian had ever endured and the most beautiful! It hurt to be so blissful.

Sian sighed into Sophie’s hair, breathing deeply, allowing herself the pleasure of pressing her lips to the bridge of Sophie’s nose. How could she be so intoxicated by this one simple creature? The feelings that overcame her when she was with Sophie startled her. Sian knew that from now on she would always be tied to this one special person. Moments like this would always be with her, the gentlest of touches, the softest of kisses, the quickest of heartbeats. Sian was in love. Sian was in love with her best friend Sophie Webster and things would never be the same again!


WAITING for Sian’s taxi to arrive was agonizing. A few minutes seemed to be a few hours and both Sian and Sophie were not sure whether that was good or bad. They were sitting in the living room of the Webster’s, their eyes fixed on the television screen but not really watching what was going on. They were sat next to one another, their arms touching because they needed some sort of comfort from one another. Rosie was sitting opposite them in the chair whilst Kevin stood in the kitchen, eating breakfast.

“Make sure you phone me when you get home.” Sophie said.

“I will, ‘Sian answered with a smile, “I’ll text you half way too.”

“Good, ‘the brunette exclaimed, “it’ll be like you never left over the next two weeks.”

“Yeah we’ll just constantly be on the phone until I come back.” Sian giggled.

Rosie snorted into her cup of tea and Sophie and Sian looked up, frowning in perfect unison, “what are you laughing at?” Sophie queried.

“You two, ‘Rosie said clearly amused, “it’s pathetic how you’re pining over one another before Sian’s even gone. I mean come on Soph, if it were a boyfriend going away I’d understand.”

“Well you don’t understand, ‘Sophie answered, feeling a blush creep along her cheeks. If only Rosie knew the truth. If only everyone knew the truth about her and Sian, “you’ve never had a best friend before.”

“Even if I did I wouldn’t behave the way you two do. You’re joined at the hip.” Rosie teased.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Sian smiled and Sophie crossed her legs over so that one of them would have to brush against her. The extra contact left her body tingling.

“Seriously I –” The sound of a car horn outside stopped Rosie mid-sentence.

“I think that’s my taxi.” Sian muttered and she and Sophie stood, making their way to the living room door.

“It was great seeing you again Sian.” Kevin called out.

“Thanks for having me stay Mr Webster.” Sian nodded, gripping her bag tight.

“No problem. Have a good journey home.” Sophie closed the living room door behind them as they came out into the passage, leaving her father and sister in the living room, completely oblivious.

She couldn’t help herself; she launched herself at the young girl in front, ramming her into the wall and kissing her passionately. Sian, not expecting the sudden attack, dropped her bag to the floor and kissed her back with an equal enthusiasm, wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling her closer.

Sian whimpered as Sophie’s hands caressed every inch of her body. Two weeks she told herself. Two weeks and they would be together again. She gripped Sophie’s hair, not caring if she hurt her but just needing her to be closer.

“Hey, ‘Sophie giggled pulling away, pressing soft kisses onto her jaw, “don’t be so rough.”

“Sorry, ‘Sian answered bashfully, “couldn’t help myself. Rosie said we’re joined at the hip but she has no idea how joined we really are. I can’t seem to get enough of you.”

“Me either. Don’t worry, ‘Sophie whispered, “fourteen days is nothing.” She traced her fingers down the curve of Sian’s neck, wanting her so badly.

The car horn outside beeped again. Sian shrugged her shoulders, smiling sadly, “I’d better get going or the taxi will leave without me. How about when I come back we go out on a real proper date. A meal or the cinema? Maybe even bowling?”

“I’d like that.” Sophie nodded.

Sian grinned widely and wrapped her arms around Sophie one final time, kissing her softly on the cheek, “I’ll text you when I’m nearly home.”

“Okay, ‘Sophie said as she watched Sian open the door and hurry outside, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Sian replied.

Sophie watched as she got into the taxi, already missing her. Fourteen days she told herself. Just fourteen days.
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