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Sophie and sian fanfiction

The Real World: London
Description: Sophie and sian meet on a reality tv show. It's just like the show real world but with a sophie&sian twist.
Okay I'm new to this and tbh I have no clue how this is gonna turn out I'm new to lj and new to writting I just usually come up with mini fanfics in my head but on paper they r complete rubbish. Anyways I'm dragging on but I'm sorry if this story is confusing. And was wondering if someone would like to right my sex/heated scenes for me cuz I suck at writting them.
Ps. This is just the introduction of the story and a background info of the characters.

Meet the girls:
Sophie Webster: hey I'm Sophie some people call me soph or as my slapper of a sister Rosie calls me "god bother" there's not much about me really...I'm quite boring to be honest. Just baisically go to church and work at the corner shop near my house. Right now I'm currently single and ready to mingle (I'm sorry that was lame) I'm not into labels I just say that love is love and you can't help who you fall in love with. Anyways as you all are wondering "how on earth did this boring chick get selected to be on the real world?!?" well If you must know I may appear to be a innocent little Christian girl but once you get to kno me I'm quite the party girl. And honestly I can't wait to get to meet my roommates
Katy Vincent: hey wassup?!?! Aha I'm Katy or also known as Katdaddy (well no one calls me that it's just a nickname for my self)and I'm 20 years young anyways I'm from Glasgow and I know how to party!! Let me just say I can be a complete bitch (that's a warning to not piss me off) so baisically I work at a bar and I'm currently living with my boytoy Tom. He's a real nice lad but who said I was a nice girl? I'm a sloppy drunk and when I'm in the house I'll probably have a lot of one night stands. Tom doesn't care he's such a sweetie it kind of makes me feel bad. But oh well.
----------------------------------------Sian Powers: well let's see I'm sian I'm 22 years old and guess what.... I'm GAY!! Bet you didn't see that one comming. I'm from southport in the day I work at a coffee shop but at night I'm usually playing gigs with my band "The Forgotten Sin" yea I'm a rocker chick I'm the lead singer of the band I also play the guitar and piano. I may appear to be the cute sweet blonde chick or maybe to some the dumb blonde but once you get to know me I'm not to innocent. Actually I'm kinda like a jelly bean hard on the outside but soft on the inside. I'm not into the whol relationship thing. I either just have onenight stands or call up one of my friends with benefits. Anywho I look forward to meeting all the girls in the house. They won't be able to resist my sian powers charm!
Tina Barlow: hola uhmm I'm Tina I'm 21 and I'm from Manchester. I'm a full time student and I consider myself Bi but overall I'm a pretty classy girl but don't start an arguement with me or get on my nerves cuz that's when the claws come out! I hope that everyone in the house gets along but come on it's the real world there's bound to be some spicy drama which I look forward to. Aha I'm quite the gossiper and love me some juicy secrets anyways I'm probably gonna be the leader of the girls mostly cuz well just look at me I'm awesome!
Meet the boys:
Ryan Connor: yo wassup I'm Ryan I'm 22 years old and I'm currently jobless aha blow trees get money is my motto I'm just lookin for a good time and trying to get into many girls pants this summer in London. Oh ya I almost forgot I'm from Preston. I charm the ladies and plan on being the first to get laid in the real world house
Josh Whipple: hey how goes it? I'm Josh the typical meat head jock. I'm 23 years old and from Birmingham I'm currently working at a boxing gym. But I just mainly like to party with my boys and bag some hot females if you know what I mean. My main sport is football which is why the ladies love me. I may not be from new jersey but I live by the rule of GTL (gym tan laundry) aha I can't wait to party it up in London!
Chesney Turner: well I'm chesney well known as the Ginger of Manchester but you can call me ches for short. There's not much about me i'm not that interesting. I work in my dads car garage and go and hang with my friends at local pubs I'm 21 and I've never really been in a relationship. I'm hoping after this experience I will become more of a "man" lol
Callum Rays:heyyy I'm callum or Cal or Callie whatever you prefer first and formost I'm 23 and gay yes I'm gay and proud! I'll probably be the drama starter and mostly hang with the girls. I love skateboarding it's baisically my life and my job is hair designing. I'm very fashionable but I don't go over the top. I'm quite the maneater or player whatever you want to call it but the rest you'll have to find out on your own. Adios!
----------------------------------------okay so I'm sorry if this is boring it will get better but tell me what you think honest opinions pls! And if you want to kno what the character look like well here you go:
Sophie Webster: looks like brook Vincent
Katy Vincent: kinda like Miley Cyrus
Sian powers: looks like sacha parkinson
Tracy Barlow: looks like pixie lott
Ryan Connor: like Ryan from Corrie
Josh whipple: looks like Taylor lautner
Chesney turner: like chesney from Corrie
Callum Rays: looks like Austin sheffler with long hair

Sooo guys I'm from America California to be exact so I don't really kno anything about London or the places mentioned above so can you help me out?

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